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Husband lost job because of complaint,maintenance denied

CC no. 593/6/09
PS Patel NagarU/s 12 of D.V. Act
Harpreet Kaur …..complainant
Sh. Dilvinder Singh Bedi …..respondent
Vide this order, I shall dispose off the interim application filed by the complainant u/s 23(2) of D.V. Act filed along with the petition u/s 12 of D.V. Act. Brief Facts of the petition are stated as under:
The complainant was married with the respondent on 25.01.09 according to sikh rites and ceremonies and both of them resided together as
husband and wife at matrimonial house bearing no. 2749/13, Ground
Floor,Ranjit Nagar, New Delhi which is the house where they last resided together.
It is stated that the respondent no. 1 is doing a job in Kingfisher
airlines and earning Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000/- per month and has no
liability. The petitioner by way of present petition has prayed for
esidence rights in the shared household bearing no. 2749/13, Ground
floor, Ranjit Nagar, New Delhi or in the alternate accommodation or rent @ Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 5,000/- per month. She has further prayed for
maintenance @ Rs. 15,000/- per month.
Detailed reply has been filed by the respondent no. 1 to 3 wherein
the respondent has denied all the allegations as alleged in the petition and has stated that the complainant is working for the last 5 years at
the auto parts show room namely Auto Emporium, Karol Bagh and getting
salary of Rs. 20,000/- per month. It is further stated that respondent
no. 1 is not working with Kingfisher Airlines at present.
Detailed rejoinder has been filed by the complainant wherein she has
admitted that she worked in showroom as part time employee and draw
salary below Rs. 7,000/- per month. She has further stated that since
April 2010, she is regular job holder.
Complainant has denied all the allegations as alleged in the reply
and has reiterated the entire facts as stated in the petition.Heard
arguments on behalf of both the parties and perused the file.
During the arguments, it is submitted by the counsel for respondent
that the respondent no. 1 is no more working with Kingfisher Airlines as he has been forcefully made to resign by the company due to the
constant complaints made by the complainant. It is further argued that
the alleged shared house hold is in the name of mother of the respondent no. 1.in support of his arguments, counsel has placed on record the
copy of relinquishment deed and copy of e-mail in respect of job status
of the respondent no.1.
It is argued by the counsel for complainant that the complainant is
doing a part time job and is earning very less. At this stage it is
submitted that some amount may be granted to the complainant for the
alternate accommodation or she may be allowed to reside in the shared
house hold.
As per the relinquishment deed, the shared house hold is in the name
of the mother in law of the complainant, hence in view of the law laid
down in S.R. Batra Vs. Taruna Batra, the complainant has no right in the said shared house hold, accordingly her plea for right for residence in the shared house hold is dismissed. As regards the amount of
maintenance,admittedly the complainant is doing a part time job and is
earning certain amount which has not been disclosed in the petition,
hence, since the complainant is already working, no amount of
maintenance can be awarded to her. The respondent is stated to be
unemployed at present and on the other hand, the complainant is working, hence the husband cannot be forced to pay the amount for the alternate
accommodation for the complainant at this stage. The interim application is accordingly disposed off.

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