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Husbands, fight against wife abuse -Feedbacks to Editor of Pune Mirror

 After Pune Mirror published the story of Men’s Right Association on 19th Sept 2011, the editor of Pune Mirror got feedbacks on the coverstory which are published in same news paper on 20th Sept. 

Your front page story ‘Gentle Men’s Club’(PM, September 19) highlights a very important evil in society. Many husbands are going through living hell at the hands of unscrupulous, avaricious and ‘couldn’t care less’ women.

The victimised husbands put up with their wives for fear of social stigma and these women are well aware of the trump card they hold in their hands which they wield callously. A recent incident comes to mind where an entire family committed suicide on March 25 as they could no longer take the abuse heaped on them by the daughter-in-law.

This form of abuse usually goes on behind closed doors in a very subtle manner. In my own personal circle, I have seen how a husband was completely ruined by a vicious, conniving and calculating woman. And these men who face this form of abuse are generally highly educated and very well placed in life. I congratulate all the men who have decided to stand up and fight against this form of abuse. Any form of abuse is a crime. So stand up and take help. Don’t encourage a social evil by giving in.

– Jonaki Bhattacharya

Atit Rajpara should be lauded for forming a unique group. More often than not, we generally concentrate on the social evil of women’s exploitation at the hands of men. But the reverse can also happen. I appreciate Pune Mirror for highlighting this evil on it’s front page. I would also like to thank Rajpara for his initiative.

– Sub Maj Pitabash Kar (retd) 



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