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Judge slams lawyers sullying court’s image



Mumbai: Two days after one of India’s seniormost advocates, Ram Jethmalani, called judges “sycophants”, a Bombay High Court judge hit back on Monday. “What sort of nonsense statements are being made from a public platform?” Justice P B Majmudar asked. “Do you think judges are sycophants?”
Rebuking the statement that judges grant adjournments, Justice Majmudar, who was sitting in a division bench with Justice Mridula Bhatkar, said he would not grant any more adjournments in cases. “We will go strictly by the law. No more adjournments will be given,” he said while declining to grant a four-week adjournment requested by a lawyer in a matter.
Senior advocate Jethmalani, while speaking at the state lawyers’ conference organized by the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa on the occasion of Law Day on November 26, said that the judiciary was responsible for adjournments. “Why do you (judges) adjourn when they (lawyers) ask for it? You also have become sycophants to maintain relations,” Jethmalani said.
The statement was the topic of discussion in the corridors of the High Court on Monday.Justice Majmudar took note of media reports of Jethmalani’s comments. “Lawyers are making public statements which affect the image of the judiciary. Senior advocates are tarnishing the image of judges by saying such things in public. It affects the public profile of the whole institution,” said the judge. “There should be some restraint (on lawyers making statements). From new entrants in the profession to advocates who are on the verge of retirement, everyone is indulging in it.”
The court also rapped the bar council. “It is for the bar council to consider about (sic) the kind of people they invite to deliver lectures,” said Justice Majmudar.
The judge said adjournments are given on a case-by-case basis. “Government is not ready with affidavits when cases are called out. We do not want the state to suffer and sometimes grant adjournments,” said Justice Majmudar. The judges took exception to the statement that senior counsels use their influence in seeking adjournments. “We go strictly by the law. We hope wiser counsel prevails,” said the judge.
The judge’s outburst came during the hearing of a bunch of petitions in connection with a dikhsa (renouncement)) ceremony granted to a minor girl to become a Jain sadhvi. A lawyer representing one of the parties sought a four-week adjournment. The court refused to adjourn the case and said it would come up for hearing on Tuesday.

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  1. tj
    November 29, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    Adjournments are granted intentionally to
    i) favour a party on wrong side of law,
    ii) drag cases for the benefit of lawyers,
    iii)avoid giving judgments
    iv) harass litigants
    v) blackmail for the purpose of extortion
    vi) complicate matters
    vii) judge does not understand the case
    viii) judge is incapable of passing any order any keep on passing time
    ix) improve stats how courts are over-burdened
    x) so that lawyers may handle more and more cases at a time

  2. Maltesh C Chitragar
    December 6, 2011 at 3:02 pm

    Sir / Madam here is my story of my matrimonial life
    In case If i would know that by marrying an Hindu Girl and if Girl Says no to continue her matrimonial life with me then Hindu marriage Law 1955 has no solution regarding this i did not perceived this knowledge in my academic years as I an an Engineering graduate further if some how I would have been perceived this Knowledge before marriage then I would have never married Hindu Girl rather I would have changed my religion which has solutions for such dispute at this stage I cannot change my Religion or else my marital relation will be termed as Divorced and this Hindu women (ie my wife ) will be allowed to charge heavy penalty on me for which I have to loot a bank and may become a guest of Police. I think most of the Hindu womens marry with an intention to earn money under the shadow of Hindu Marriage act 1955. if same law prevails then the days are not far to abolish Hindu religion I am sorry to say that. so plz go through my story below and plz suggest me end up my deserted life.
    Sir / Madam just because we are hindus and Hindu Marriage Act 1955 is ruling us in our personal family life so we r victim of it. when i filed a case in the Family Court Belgaum 4.5 years back for Restitution of Conjugal Rights under section 9 after one year the Restitution was allowed and a decree was passed and 3 months time was given to my wife to join me at Belgaum along with Kids to continue family life further she failed to do so and as per our lawyers suggestion I filed the case of EP (Execution of Petition) By which further time was extended for 1 year from the date of Restitution Decree but on the last day of joining I submitted an memo to Hon’able Judge about my EP case But Judge said ” I am helpless I cannot force her to Join you for continuing marital life any more but I can award Half of her property in your (my) name” but i submitted one more memo saying that ” My intention was not to grab her property But as an decent Hindu Male I was expecting Family life but law has no power to make her to join me for marital life then i feel i am unfortunate and feel ashamed to say that I am hindu” further Judge dismissed my case by dictating a single word as “Dismissed” and made my life deserted instead Judge may have continued with some words after “Dismissed” order saying that I may have full freedom to find my another Life partner and it is my own desecration and Law will never disturb hence forth
    Today I feel going to Court of Justice is simply waste of Time and money and over that harassment Indian Laws are useless laws and they dont have capacity to judge and allow us to make mistakes now if I rape a women in the quest of women then law will jail me for 14 yrs or if I marry again they Jail me for 3 yrs and in case if I go to prostitute then as per as medical science it is harmful to my Life all in all Hindu Law 1955 is powerless law and Unscientific and troubling Hindu men to go out of way and increasing Sex crime in the society so Religious leaders of Hinduism should act upon immediately and change the Law or else decent Hindu males will convert their religion in Mass
    Sir pass on this message to other harassed Husband Brothers

    • 498agladiator
      December 6, 2011 at 5:11 pm

      Dear Maltesh,
      First of all let me know your place.
      Now you can file Divorce as Your RCR decree has completed more than 2 yrs.
      4.5 yrs back u filed RCR and one year later the decree was passed in your favor right???
      So almost 3.5 yrs….who stopped you to file DIVORCE immediately after one year of your RCR decree???
      No Court will comment beyond the case. Your case was for RCR execution definitely it was supposed to be dismissed. Didnt you know the LAW i.e. Section 9 of H.M.A.?
      Now u can file divorce and it would easy in your favor. And u can enjoy the further Life.

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