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Demand for Men’s Welfare Ministry, National Commission for Men’s Welfare


I just signed the following petition addressed to: President Of India, Prime Minister, Law Minister, Ministry Of Home Affair.


This is to bring to your kind notice that we want to create gender balance in society.  Under the guise of women empowerment, serious imbalance is being created in society, by giving undue and unfair advantage to women. This is against the principle of natural justice. We are in recognition of the selfless sacrifice that men do for their family, parents, wife, sisters, and children.  Society has taken for granted the sacrifice of men. I take this petition as an occasion to enlighten the masses about the hardships and silent sufferings that men undergo.

InIndiamen are the victimized gender but scarcely acknowledged by the society. Men are generally depicted as selfish, egoistic, greedy and having all the bad qualities. All this is resulting in huge stress on men. The ill effect of this is seen, in the huge number of men’s suicide and lowered life expectancy.  InIndia, number of men committing suicide is the double to that of women. Yet suicide of women and foeticides are dramatically highlighted while those of men are blatantly ignored. From the dawn of civilization, men are being considered disposable gender.

Skyrocketing Suicides by Men

  Recently published statistics from National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India reveals the shocking figures of suicides of men. The figures for year 2010 are 61,453 husbands Vs 31,754 wives. The data portrays an outraging and explosive percentage increase of 400% in the suicide rate of men compared to that of women. Unfortunately Indian society has been turning a blind eye to this silent genocide of Indian men. Thus disproving all the lies being spread by feminists that women only are at the receiving end.

It is men, who have been doing all the hazardous jobs in society, yet are treated worse than dogs.  The skyrocketing suicides by Men are testimony to this fact.





Demands “Right to Life” for Men

The responsibility of these self annihilated innocent male lives ultimately rests with the Government. The Government cannot simply shrug its shoulders off this responsibility and pass off these suicides as being due to ‘financial reasons’. However in reality, as per the analysis of NCRB itself, the contribution of “financial reasons” to suicide is a meager low of 2%. It strongly cautions the Indian government on neglecting the suicides of Indian Married males and allocate adequate budget to spread awareness of domestic violence on men and provide adequate redress mechanisms at the social and legal levels so that lakhs of innocent men who can be still be saved can claim back their “right to life”.

Harassment of men going unnoticed

            Millions of Men are unduly harassed because of plethora of gender biased laws like IPC 498A, Protection of Women against Domestic Violence, Act, 2005(fondly called as DV by the abusers and Lawyers), CrPC 125, Guardians and Wards Act, Hindu Marriage Act, Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act etcetera. Indian courts preferably treat the husband as a free ATM machine. Not contended with existing gender biased laws, Indian Government is creating more such gender biased laws. Prominent amongst those being Protection of women from Sexual harassment at Workplace Bill, and the proposed sexual assault law, which will give a potent weapon for any unscrupulous women to extort money from men.

Additional burden being placed on Men

            Maharashtra Government is also contemplating to create new law for rights of wives in property owned by husband in collusion with the feminists. Succession Law already exists for women to claim right in Father’s property. So that now a woman is doubly benefitted. All such future laws are with the sole intention of extraction of easy legal money from men. Any law which showers only rights and NO responsibilities are strongly disapproved. We condemn the government policy of creating parasites out of women under the name of women empowerment; instead Government should focus on reducing the suicides of Men. Hence it’s the demand of the hour to have Men’s Welfare Ministry, National Commission For MEN.

The impact of all these responsibilities and expectations is tremendous amount of stress on Indian Men. This is resulting in a very high number of suicides amongst Indian Men and particularly married men who are at the receiving end of the corrupt law enforcement agency, biased laws and judiciary.

            Men are not heard at any forum of law-making, judiciary and Government.  Men are ridiculed to such an extent that in modern era a man cannot speak or voice their concern either at home or elsewhere. So the strong demands formation of National Commission for Men and Men’s Welfare Ministry who will look into various issues of Men and protect them.






Dismal life expectancy of males

            From the website, http://mohfw.nic.in/showfile.php?lid=951, life expectancy of females is always high and continuously on an increase than males since 1981. This clearly shows that men are dying young.

Forming Men’s Welfare ministry

  • Men contribute 82% of taxes to the government, yet there is no Commission or Welfare ministry for men.
  • Even animals have Ministry; women have National Commission for women and a separate Welfare Ministry, Why not for Men?
  • Sustained campaigns and pressurizing government to form Men’s Welfare Ministry and National Commission for Men.




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