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Marriage law favours fairer sex! Men’s right is left alone- DNA

Lack of gender equal law is forcing married men to commit suicide. Activists feel anti-men laws are
being misused by women and men become victims.
Speak Up explores
Speak Up

How can the court consider a wife’s allegation true without evidence?
There is no provision under the law for men to defend themselves if they are accused of any crime against women. There are so many anti-men laws under the Domestic Violence Act, 2005. The husband and his family are guilty till they prove their innocence. The IPC- 498A section under the Dowry Act, 1961, is one such draconian law. If a terrorist like Ajmal Kasab is considered innocent till he is not proven guilty in the court of law, why can’t men who are accused by women be treated in the same way till all the evidence is not presented? How can the court consider a wife’s allegation true till proper investigation does not take place? Just based on an FIR filed by a woman, a husband and his family can be arrested. The entire burden is shifted on the accused and the court supports women without looking at the facts.
Rajesh Vakharia, Founder Member, Save India Family

If women misuse the law then courts can take severe action

The law has to protect women’s rights and you cannot have a gender equal law. So much gender disparity and discrimination exists in our society. We have to take into consideration who has suffered the most. Where women are deprived and are at disadvantage in this men dominated society, there is a need to protect their rights. With reservation for women, we can achieve substantial gender equality. If women misuse the law then the courts can take action against them. In case of a child’s custody in a divorce case, the child needs a mother’s care and the court takes that into consideration.
Ramesh Awasti, Co-founder, MASUM

When domestic violence arises, couples should consult a counsellor. There is reason as to why the law supports women. This is because since ages the fairer sex has suffered and still faces the brunt, except that the situation is some what better now. Ours is still a male dominant society and women get exploited. They need the support of the law till gender inequality exists in our society. Surely the equations are changing and men have to prove their innocence which is becoming very uncomfortable for them. I feel that when domestic violence arises, couples should consult a counsellor before approaching the court for divorce.
Parul Khona, marriage counsellor

The attitude adopted by courts towards women weighs high against men
The law should be balanced. Men too have emotions but cannot express themselves like women do. For men, family is most important of all. If there are troubles in the family, he reaches a high level of frustration and may end his life. Even long judicial procedure and concerned attitude towards women adopted by the courts weighs against men.
Balasaheb Patil, president, Purush Bachao Hakka Samiti

If wife asks for divorce then the husband has to pay her alimony for lifetime
The suicide rate among married men is increasing, especially since 1995, which is when the Anti-Dowry Act came into existence. The laws that were introduced to support women in order to bring gender equality by the government are being misused. The government must seriously look into this matter. Whenever women file cases against men, they become culprits by default, which is a biased outlook. Under the law, if a man gets married to a woman, he has to take care of all her needs for the rest of her life. If wife asks for a divorce then the husband has to pay her alimony for a lifetime whether they are married for just one day or two years. I am surprised that we have a women welfare ministry but there is no such provision for men.
Atit Rajpara, President, Men’s Rights Association








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