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Why not to replace the word Husband/wife to Spouse in proposed Marriage Amendment Bill????????????????

सावधान सावधान सावधान !!!!!!!!!!!!! भारतीय पुरुषांनो सावधान……लग्न करताय मंग ५०% मालमत्ता आपल्या होणार्या बायकोच्या नावावर करा.

Are you planning to marry Indian Girl???????????
It is easy to get married (’Legal Trap’) in India if Boy is with handsome earning and have credible wealth.

“According to the Cabinet Note, while a wife can oppose a husband’s plea for a divorce under the new “irretrievable breakdown of marriage” clause, the husband will have no such rights to oppose if the wife moves court on the same grounds.”

The word husband/wife must be replaced by the word Spouse, otherwise
it will lead a total Extrotion business of your hard earned
money/property and as the more awareness will come, maximum men will
stop saving and will spend their earling, result more and more
crime/fraud/stress in society and yes a huge father less child society on the way, which today some male haters do not understand , but will value the contrubution of husabnds family the day they will take oath to die as debit man than credit man. We do not understand why so called educated and libiral Women and LAW makers afrid to make law on the Principal with the word “Spouse”, both get euall responsibility and Libility.

PRESS RELEASE: Strongly condemning the upcoming Marriage Laws
(amendment) Bill by Fight for Justice.


Confidare Research is the education and research wing of Confidare
Consultancy that specializes in dealing with problems of men.
Confidare Research strongly condemn the upcoming “Marriage Laws
(Amendment) Bill” that was supposed to be tabled today before the

This bill is a further evidence of the growing misandry (male hatred)
in the society and how the society treats men as disposable entities.
Even in this modern age when we talk of Gender Equality, the
stereotypical patriarchal notion that the financial responsibility of
a family should lay on a husband still prevails in the society, and
this pervert social mindset is the root cause of abuse of men,
especially husbands in a marriage.

In such a situation, where men are already burdened with so much of
load, another law which makes divorce extremely costly for them is
thoroughly unwelcome.

Highlights of the law:

This law recognizes “Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage” as a ground
for divorce.
While the law empowers the wife to oppose the divorce at any point of
time if the husband has filed for divorce, it restrains the husband
from doing so when the wife has filed for the same.
This law also contains a clause by which courts will be empowered to
snatch away half the property of husband and give it away to wife.
This law only talks about women’s rights and has no considerations
whatsoever for men.

Brief Background:

Due to demand from various quarters, this ground for divorce was
introduced by the Govt. of India by way of the Marriage Laws
(Amendment) Bill, 2010 which sought to amend the Hindu Marriage Act
and the Special Marriage Act. However, the bill contained clauses that
facilitated financial extortion of men.

The bill read that courts would have power not to grant the divorce
unless the wife was paid adequate amount of money under the cute name
of “Financial Security of Woman”.

And the bill also mentioned about special powers being given only to
wives to oppose the divorce if the wife was unhappy with the money she
received from the husband.

Such clauses being outright anti-male and gender-biased in nature were
vehemently opposed by various men’s rights activists and
organizations, who even deposed in front of the Standing Committee on
personnel, public grievances, law and justice. The panel, chaired by
Shri Santaram Naik, was presented with the objections raised by men’s
rights organizations who sought to make the bill gender-neutral and
ensure that no man faced any kind of financial hardship because of
gender-biased clauses in the bill.

Oppositions ignored:

However, the objections raised by men’s rights organizations have been
conveniently ignored by the standing committee panel, that has gone
ahead and recommended the very clauses to the Govt. of India for the
bill to be tabled, to which the men’s rights organizations has raised
objections against.

What will happen if?

Husband purchases a property just 6 months after marriage out of his
hard-earned savings earned before marriage and his marriage breaks and
he loses half of the property. In that case the husband will be
Men start fearing this law and stop buying real estate which adversely
affects the economy of the country.
Husband has dependent parents and owns a single property and if 50% of
that goes to wife post-divorce, how will the husband take care of his
old parents? Is the concept of family restricted to only husband-wife
in the Indian context?
What, if the family is a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) owning a single
joint property? Will the wife get 50% of that? What about other
sibling’s share in it?

Confidare’s objections:

Marriages are tumultuous for men. This fact reflects in the suicide
statistics that are published year-over-year by the Union Ministry of
Home Affairs and it’s the married men who top the list of suicide.
Suicide rate of husbands’ increases 4 times the rate of wives’ and 6
times the rate they are born. Every 9 minutes a married man commits
suicide. This fact clearly proves how bad marriages turn out for men
and if divorces are also made costlier by way of such laws, this will
lead to further increase in suicides by men. Is the Government of
India trying to facilitate the suicides of men?
There is one more law in the pipeline – Matrimonial Property (Rights
of Women upon Marriage Act), 2012 – which talks about making wife the
co-owner of husband’s properties right at the time of marriage; then,
why this law? Why is the Government hell bent on making redundant
anti-male laws and convert marriage into an extortion industry
thriving on men?

In a democratic law making process, objections raised by a particular
group or individual cannot be ignored without any proper
justification. The panel has failed to give any just and proper reason
as to why the objections raised should not be considered.
As per Dowry Prohibition Act, any demand of cash/kind in relation to
marriage is “Dowry”. Is not this law legalizing dowry to be paid to
wife from husband under the cute name of “Financial Security of Wife”?
Right to Equality is a fundamental right guaranteed by the
Constitution of India and cannot be disrespected under any
circumstances. Current bill thoroughly violates it, as far as men are

Feminists are claiming that nearly 80% of women do not have a place to
live post-divorce. This is completely false because no such study has
ever been conducted. India does not have any standard data collected
as to how many divorces are happening, of those how many own a house
and how many do not, how many are nuclear, joint and HUF families.
Without any such data in place, any claims made are just airy claims
without any data. Formulating a law on airy data is dangerous.
Confidare’s demands:

Marriages and Divorces should not be made a property-transfer-bureau.
If property division is to be done then wife’s share in her ancestral
property must also be considered and then division must be done.
Duration of marriage must be a crucial factor of consideration. The
difference between a 2 month marriage and a 20 year marriage must be
clearly understood.

Property division must take into account contributions made by both
the spouses and also the fact that the property was acquired from
wealth earned post marriage and not from previous savings.
Any and all outstanding financial liabilities on the property like
loan for property, loan against property, mortgage etc. must also be
equally divided and wife must be made to be equally paid for it. If
she is not working then she should get her share from her ancestral

Both the partners should have equal and unbridled right to oppose
divorce and there should be no gender-bias in this.
There should not be any power wrested with the courts to decide upon
property transfer or stalling of proceedings as the Indian judiciary
is highly incompetent and has not shown positive trends favoring men
when it comes to disposing cases. The Indian judiciary is highly
anti-male and does not consider twice before ordering a man to either
“sell his kidney” or “beg, borrow or steal” just to pay maintenance to
his estranged wife. What is the guarantee that the same judiciary will
make judicious decisions when it comes to this law?

Institute a National Commission for Men, that can systematically
collect issues, concerns and problems of men, study them and recommend
to the Govt. about measures to be taken to address those problems.
If the Govt. of India does not take these considerations seriously
then we have only one message for the hardworking Indian men, who
think putting self before others, is a social norm –

Your hard earned property does not belong to you.

P.S. Long run effect as the more and more cases will come out :

“Also this bill will have a disastrous effect on the marriageability
of non-working or low income men/women – as all women/men would like
to marry high income men/women now. Will the govt. take responsibility
to get these low-income or no-income men/women marrage? How is this
bill useful when it helps high income men/women while at the same time
makes the low-income men/women un-marriageable? This bill infact is
contrary to women’s and men’s welfare”

So,what to do ?

1. This is nothing but legal terrorism and to stop that the First
think to make more and more awareness. So, highlight the danger to all
LAW makers MP, Society and Friends. Always demand as per constitution
every one is equal in front of law , so the word men/women must be
replaced by person and husband/wife must be replaced by spouse.
2. Those are in LAW filed must start collected the LAW of other
country of the world and be ready to fight in Supreme court. No
country have such biased law in place.
3. Before marriage must engage a Lawyers.
4. Book a low cost Home in some Village area , so that in old age you
can have a place to live.
5. The moment you feel any smell of any problem without any second
thought dispose-off all your movable or immovable assets .
6. Minimum Saving after marriage , enjoy the life instead of work like
donkey and one day die in Heart attack and left huge assets.
7.Come out from all the emotion , today marriage is no longer a
emotional bond, all this male haters LAW makers make the marriage a
emotionless simple Business deal and a easy money earning business for
wrong people.

Warning to all Male Haters :

To grab the Husbands money/property you have made several law start
from DP3, 498A, DV act, CRPC125, Section 24 and now this new HMA act,
with the Principal all wives born in Raja Harish Chandra Family ,
never lie and all Husbands born in Criminal Family.

All the law the basic motive is how to grab the money and property
from Husbands family with the logic women had suffered so long, so now
it is turn to men to suffer.

But forget two wrong can’t make a right think. If women is suffering
that is not due to husbands family , it is due to the girls at their
own home had not given equal right and responsibility give to a boy,
instead of correcting the same started putting all burden/blame to
husbands family .

Do not forget more then 90% women who have a home in this country ,
they got from their husbands family , not from their own family,
correct that first or the day the is not too far when we will be
witness when a man will die, the bank will come and take over all his
assets , which we witness in western country .

The day Indian Husbands will learn to live a life as Debit man than
credit man and stop making any saving in property or in other assets ,
then only you all will realize the real contribution of Indian
husbands for this society.

Do not take Indian husbands family in ride and stop promotion of Legal
Extortion of their hard earned money/property, make the LAW gender
neutral the word husband/wife must be replaced by the word spouse and
the share should be equal both liability and claim in assets.

Courtesy: Swarup Sarkar, Delhi

To watch video pls click below link

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