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More men cry sexual harassment at work-DNA Letters to the editor

Kudos to DNA
I read the great news report ‘More men cry sexual harassment at work’ in DNA, December 4. Men face a lot of hatred in their offices and it takes a lot of boldness to expose it. The media normally harps on issues related to females but is scared to highlight male issues. Thanks for highlighting a issue which everybody chooses to ignore. Please do not bother about feminists or the few indifferent men who are on the other side. Keep up the good work.
—Arnab Ganguly, email

It takes a lot of courage to speak against the mainstream. DNA has shown that courage and hats off for this article and exposure of the sexual harassment of men at workplace. Men have never been vocal in exposing their problems. Now, with the launch of helplines for men and the confidentiality assured, more men can now seek help and report their problems. I am thankful to DNA who has dared to publish this report.
—Kailash Khairnar, email

Congratulations and sincere thanks for publishing the truth about our male-hatred society. I know it takes a lot of guts to publish a news article that support men in today’s era of empowered women. As per my belief, women organisations conduct paid surveys in order to achieve the goal of making anti-male laws in the name of women empowerment. The actual data is manipulated to turn society against men.

This is so true that men too are falling prey to sexual harassment. I am a witness to it. The general manager of our company was fired on a false allegation made by a cleaning staff member. She demanded Rs10 lakh from him and threatened that if he doesn’t pay up, she would cry rape. Thankfully, the company allowed him to resign on will.

The current draft prepared by the Department of Women and Child Development (WCD) should be discarded and a fresh one must be prepared taking into consideration the following points:-
* The Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill must be reviewed and amended immediately to make it gender neutral; the word ‘men/women’ must be replaced by a person or employee.
* No direct money should be given to the person who has complained; all fines must go to an employee welfare fund. This will reduce the instances of misuse and extortion.
* If the case is found to be false/fabricated or filed with an intention to derive personal benefit, the person should be fined or sacked without any discretion.
* No outsiders must be allowed into the committees. No women’s rights NGOs must be allowed to earn revenue from sitting in these committees and convert benign cases into sexual harassment cases.
* The offence should be categorised into five-levels and the fine or disciplinary action should be as per the level of offence found during enquiry.
* If a person is not satisfied with the committee’s findings and conclusions, they should have the right to approach the court but the employer or enquiry committee member should not defend the accuser’s case.

The Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill has completely turned a blind eye towards protection of males from females or other male colleagues. Will companies allow the drafting of a law that clearly violates men’s rights? Do companies know that false allegations from a woman can ruin the reputation of some of their best performing employees? How have the Indian corporate planned to relieve the burden of harassment and ignominy that a male staff member would have to bear if he is falsely accused? This also extends to colleges and educational institutions where a false allegation by a woman or a disgruntled female student can tarnish the life-long image of a male professor.



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