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The current laws pertaining to harassment are based on the belief that only women are victims.Therefore the new proposed law or amendment to existing law on Rape- Sexual assault should be made gender-neutral in a letter written by Rajesh Vakharia, President Central Chapter of Save Indian Family Foundation to Chief Justice.
Actually statistics show that more men than women are victims of harassment. But all the debates talk only of women harassment, that does not mean that all men have sufficient protection. Hence the new law should be made gender-neutral so that male victims can also get justice says Rajesh Vakharia. Whosoever is guilty should be severely punished and therefore law should be equal for everyone. All the present laws are drafted considering that only women are victims. Save Indian Family is of the opinion that present laws are biased and consider all males as oppressors and all women as the oppressed.
Sexual Harassment of males is high. But in most cases there are no complaints. Hence these are not recorded. Most of the times cases are not reported due to shame. A man fears that no one will believe him. He has a fear of getting removed from job and hence does not complain. Due to male-dominated culture, all the responsibilities of running a home is on the male. Hence if a man complains and gets fired from job, not only the man but his family gets affected. So there are no complaints. But don’t men have right to peaceful existence? Crime of Sexual Harassment should be applicable to both the genders, he demands.
In the same letter, he raises issue of sexual assault on male inmates in police custody. Several men have lost their lives in the prisons in such inhumane cases. Beating on the buttocks of male prisoners, giving mild shocks to private parts, putting chilli powder are some of shocking incidences coming to light. This is sexual harassment of male. In our society, Rape is crime only if done by a man on woman. But world-wide such laws also embrace assault of men by men, female by female, male by female. The new law should take this also into account.
Whenever amendment is sought in a law it should not be based on emotions but by rational thinking and taking into account the current state of affairs. Similarly sexual harassment complaint should be accepted from men as well as women. People in a frenzy demand for capital punishment by getting excited on single incidence however when the punishment is awarded, it should not be based on emotions but on actual facts and background of complainants of the case.
As per police records 70 to 80% cases of rape are false. Due to such false cases, the real victims get delayed justice. To avoid such situations, false complainants need to be punished rigorously. Most of the times consensual sex is also treated as rapes, hence the definition of rape must be suitably amended demands Vakharia.
  1. Neeraj Jariwala
    January 9, 2013 at 4:17 pm

    False complainants need to be punished rigorously.. Well said..

    But how do we have to make sure this message is delivered to the right person in the system for its proper implementation.. more important is when.. will it take a life time or centuries to happen..

    I got a case of myself to put up.. is there anyone in SAVE INDIAN FAMILY who can actively take up my case as a benchmark and raise the flag to concerned official and get a positive result in form of a COURT JUDGEMENT.. which can later be benchmarked.. False complainants need to be punished rigorously.. Well said needs to be executed with a sample case as one of my own.. CAN ANYONE HELP ME WITH MY CASE ?

    Do get in touch with me if so on my email id

    neeraj [dot] jariwala [at] gmail [dot] com

    Only such positive move can bring into any change in the system.. else i understand writing letters wont change any mindset of people who are use to remain deaf and blind to all thats happpening currently..

    Note: Also unless the facts are validated lets not spread a wrong message to anyone like..
    Delhi High Court caps maintenance at Rs.600 >> this does not seem to be a true story.. if at all it is true do let me know.. is there any link for a JUDGEMENT in this matter.. any case number which can be tracked..

    Neeraj Jariwala

  2. 498agladiator
    January 9, 2013 at 7:09 pm

    Yes Neeraj, we at Men’s Rights Association and Save Indian Family Foundation( All India Chapter) are following with Police over the amendment of CrPC 41a Power to Arrest. Also we are educating the Victim of False Charges to Video Record the movement Police comes to you. Also we are creating lots of awareness regarding the various Circulars issued by Home Ministry and other depts.. Also in Pune we have circulated the 41a amendment copies along with various circulars to each and every Police station.And whenever there is News of Police arresting people under 498a or Dowry related crime our team immediately screw the Police by filing various RTI’s… Yes I m totally with you, I would request you to contact Mr. Amit Deshpande of Save Indian Family Mumbai Chapter……you can write him directly his mail id is amitndeshpande@gmail.com

  3. Neeraj Jariwala
    January 11, 2013 at 3:08 pm

    Thanks for the help and i appreciate your kind reply..
    Warms regards
    Neeraj Jariwala

  4. K. Pankaj
    January 16, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    I really appreciate that steps in the right direction have been initiated at least by few of us. Following the Delhi mishap, I am seeing a phenomenal increase in reporting of rape cases, and wonder if all allegations are real at all? It is pathetic to see the direction in which our country is moving now. I myself have been a victim of harassment by a female, but I really do not find any means to raise my voice. Whenever I start to discuss the biasing of gender laws in our country, people view me passively, both women and men claiming me as sexist! I severely feel this discrimination in my college, where adulterous girls exploit me and other innocent men. Following Delhi’s case, I am apprehended whether restructured laws would benefit innocent men! Should we still consider the scope for ‘gender neutral laws’ after all this? If yes then please assist what all is being done in this regard, apart from what is mentioned above. If no then kindly assist on what should be done to make laws ‘gender neutral’.
    K. Pankaj

    • 498agladiator
      January 18, 2013 at 2:30 pm

      Dear Pankaj,
      Thanks for giving time to read this post, further there are many groups who are fighting with Govt, Society to create Gender Neutral Law and also seeking punishment for the Person who abuse to process of Law by filing false complaints….and yes we have got various achievement in doing so….but we should not stop because there is lot of misandry and gender bias in society even today.
      Life becomes hell when ur innocent and threatened of false cases by your in-laws. Sad to see plight f so many men in this country….
      Further we have already started letter campaign on the suggestions and feedback requested by Parliamentary Standing Committee on up-coming Sexual Assault Law. We need to flood the addresses with huge numbers of letters comprising our feedbacks….where we are mainly demanding to make the law gender neutral with various other demands so as to safe guard the rights of MEN from false accusations.
      You may find the details of letters which we need to sent on http://wp.me/p1S1Lg-2q
      These letters should reached the desired address before 28th Jan 2013 in sealed envelop.

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  5. K. Pankaj
    January 21, 2013 at 10:41 pm

    Thanks, I really look forward to continue in this direction.
    K. Pankaj

  6. subhash
    February 27, 2013 at 5:47 pm


    There’s problem of some women leveling false charges against their husbands/boy-friends as a form of revenge. This is especially problematic because establishing the validity of a
    rape charge beyond reasonable doubt can often be tricky, and it might be trickier in cases
    of marital rape.

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