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Pune Mirror:- ‘We are sitting ducks’ Men’s groups call J S Verma Commission’s recommendations biased, claim they weren’t consulted

Acoalition of groups of men fighting for their rights undertheaegisoftheSaveIndian Family Foundation (SIFF) on Sunday condemned Justice J S Verma Commission’s recommendations. Now, these groups from across the country have started writing mass letters, sending postcards and SMSes to Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde, Union Law Minister Ashwini Kumar and M Venkaiah Naidu, who heads the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs. They claimed that the panel’s recommendations disregard democratic values. 

    The three-member panel was set up following the Delhi gang rape to suggest changes required in existing laws to provide better security to women in India.
From Pune, Men’s Rights Association is fighting the recommendations tooth and nail. Atit Rajpara, its founder president, said, “We are surprised how a committee with such eminent panel members chose to ignore the fundamental principle of justice despite police reports stating that many rape cases filed in India are false. These recommendations will ensure that innocent people get punished by “assumption of being guilty”, even after going through a “grilling legal process”.
He said, “A court in Delhi recently ticked off a mother-daughter duo for habitually filing false rape cases for grabbing properties. There are millions of such cases with hidden agendas.” SIFF alleged that the recommendationsarebiasedandanti-men, as not a single organisation, of the 35 representing men’s welfare, was consulted before making the recommendations in the 650-page report. The commissionhadclaimedthatallconcerned parties were consulted. SIFF believes the report is a blind copy of thedemandsmadebyahandfulofaggressive women’s organisations.
The groups say removal of the misuse of sexual harassment at workplace clause,not providing for protection of men from sexual harassment and adding a section for marital rapeinadditiontoexisting15lawsfor women in a marital setting is preposterous on the part of the committee. Men cannot expect to get a fair trial, should any of these recommendations come into existence, they claim. They cited studies which have revealedthatfalserapecasesconstituteover75to90percentrapesinIndia. No punishment has been included forfemalesexualpredators,theysaid.
    Srinivasa Rao of ‘Hridaya’, Kolkata, said, “We oppose the Justice Verma committee recommendations because they have completely been influenced by feminists. Secondly, the existing rape law itself is stringent. It needs to become gender neutral.”
Jyoti Tiwari, All India Forgotten Women Association (AIFWA), said, “Crime and criminals do not have genders. So, equal punishment to all is a must. I lost my brother almost a year back due to one misuse of law. I don’twantthesametohappentomy son tomorrow. So, we strongly demandthatalllawsshouldbegenderneutral and there should be a misuse clause too.”
President Pranab Mukherjee on Sunday gave his assent to the ‘Ordinance on sexual assault’ which was approved by the Union Cabinet two days ago. The changed law will come into force with immediate effect. The ordinance was rushed through to beat the notification of Parliament’s budget session which is due to begin on February 21. The notification would have prevented the issuance of an ordinance. The government will now have to get it passed from the Parliament within six months of the Ordinance coming into effect. The government will bring these provisions as Bills during the Budget Session.
Men protesting against the panel’s recommendations sit down to write letters to top politicians and ministers
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