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TOI-Gender equality should also be in context of men..

Men’s Rights Association (MRA), Pune is only NGO that specializes in working towards protection of men’s rights and committed to addressing various issues faced by Men. MRA arranges free counseling every Sunday 4 PM at Sambhaji Park, Pune for men in distress due to misandry (male hatred), social attitude and gender-biased laws.
Men’s Rights Association was formed to spread awareness on Men’s Rights, help men in distress and raise concerns of men at various administrative levels of Government. We received overwhelming response to our various initiatives and over the period of last year, the membership of MRA has gone beyond 500 members. MRA is effectively spreading awareness about men’s rights to the people. MRA has not just helped many men in fighting multiple cases filed by their wives but also to remain happy ad contended. Based on our guidance from experienced and senior members, many of such men have successfully won the cases. MRA is striving hard to change this anti-male legal system to that of gender-neutral doing justice to the men and equality amongst both the genders.
Further MRA is highly active online to spread the awareness and demolish the myth spread in the society by misguided and funded feminists’ organizations. Many of the members of MRA are active on Facebook and other online media and discussion forums spreading the awareness of the cause and our aim in creating a balanced society. We have active facebook page atwww.facebook.com/mensrightsassociation and have been hugely successful in spreading the awareness. MRA believes in gender-neutral laws for the society unlike most militant feminists those take pride in blaming only particular sect for all problems in the society.
Celebrating International Men’s Day 19th November 2013.
 International Men’s Day (IMD) is an annual international event celebrated on November 19, it was inaugurated in 1999. Today, IMD is celebrated in over 60+ countries and it is supported by United Nations. MRA and other NGO’s across India are celebrating the IMD from last 3 years
 IMD came into being, to create gender balance in society. Under the guise of women empowerment, serious imbalance is being created in society, by giving undue and unfair advantage to women. This is against the principle of natural justice. IMD is in recognition of the selfless sacrifice that men do for their family, parents, wife, sisters, and children. Society has taken for granted the sacrifice of men. MRA takes IMD as an occasion to enlighten the masses about the hardships and silent sufferings that men undergo. IMD is an occasion for honoring and remembrance of the contributions of men.
Today, the social expectations from men are continuously increasing. The suicide rates of married men are going skywards as more and more men are taken for granted for their contributions to family, cultures and societies. Every year, International Men’s Day is observed to celebrate being male and to spend one day acknowledging the positive contribution of men towards family and the society, in this age of constant criticism, male bashing and misandry in popular culture.
Suicide Data

Swami Vivekananda quoted that “Wont be surprise if half the Husbands in the World suicide due to the harassment of mischievousand unscrupulous wives.” In year 2012, 88,453 men unfortunately killed themselves.

If we could just have a glance on the rate of the suicides of Men in last 17 years as compared to those of women, its shocking and alarming to know that rate at which the suicide rates has been increased is almost double as compared to Women. But still the suicide of MEN is been neglected and no serious measures are taken by the Government to stop this alarming situation of MEN’s  suicide. Whereas Women suicide rate/ percentage is highlighted boldly and more and more anti Male laws/ policies are drafted.

This year, the focus of International Men’s Day in Pune is to initiate the discussion among men about the very attributes and constraints of “being a REAL MALE”.  Today few news are propagated that every single MAN is women harasser and criminal based some incidents against Women. And all MEN after reading such news are perceive it to be unmanly, if they discuss any of men’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities including celebrating International Men’s Day. One of the film star has felt ashamed of being MAN. Because MEN are be suppressed by propagating the false and half cooked news. These attitudes are not helping men transform for a peaceful world.
Former President Mr. Abdul Kalam Azad fells clearly that we give more importance for false or half cooked news against MEN at the same time we also forget the contribution of MEN towards the Family, Society, Country, World etc.
In past, many powerful patriarchal men even considered it unmanly to celebrate the international Men’s Day
When 3 times more men compared women die in accidents, murders and suicides every year in India, still many men live in denial of their own problems and refuse to seek help or support as they are stuck inside the traditional notions of manhood. Freedom of men from these regressive attitudes is a must, if we all wish for a better world for every human being. Its time men start communicating and sharing their issues and their personal vulnerabilities in their relationships.
According to our survey, 84% of urban Indian males find domestic violence against men by women is funny and abused husbands are not male enough.
Such mindset basically means Men who hit back at the abusive women are “Real Men” and Men who take the abuse without reacting, are not “Real Men”.
Interestingly, the feminists want men to change and yet they want men to remain “Real Men”. Such contradictions in their thinking show, how intellectually challenged they are.
If men have to transform, then one has to look at Male Identity from Men’s Prism, not from Women’s Prism or from Women’s Studies Courses or feminism.
On International Men’s Day, 19th November, we urge:
1.     Men in powerful positions must stop living in denial about men’s issues and even their own vulnerabilities.
      2.      Male film actors must work to end the glorification of violent male protector role.
      3.      Men must not be shamed with expectations of traditional male identity. Its time society stops        tearing men between both traditional Conservative and modern Liberal expectations.
         4.      Immediate establishment of Male Studies departments in Universities.
         5.      Men must go beyond “Good versus Evil” wars so that we can have a peaceful world.
         6.      Establishment of National Commission for Men and Men’s Ministry to create gender equality.
Events in Pune on International Men’s Day…
– We will be arranging a small stall Nr Balgandarv Police Chowkey….from 3 pm onwards.
– We will be distributing the IMD pamphlets to the people.
– We are arranging funny games for the people. Also consolation prizes will be distributed by us.
– We will be felicitating few MEN from the society who have contributed to the social cause either by endangering  their Life or by any other social contribution.
– We are expecting some Marathi Film stars as well.
– We will be wishing all the people with Happy Mens Day by distributing small gifts.
Request you to please help us with your ideas to celebrate this DAY.
Every day is not a Men’s Day. Otherwise, the world would not have seen slavery and discrimination of Men on the basis of race, caste, color or religion.
Its time Men stop living in denial about their issues and celebrate International Men’s Day (IMD).
We would to like to extend this celebration to all people and we feel that the FM Channel is the right source which can help us to pass on this events celebration across Pune. As the Red FM is a very popular FM Channel, I request you on behalf of the Mens Rights Association to accommodate this celebration through your channel on 19th Nov at your convenient time. We would appreciate if your esteemed FM Channel could market this Event through out the DAY.
Men make sacrifices everyday in their place of work, in their role as husbands and fathers, for their families, for their friends, for their communities and for their nation. International Men’s Day is an opportunity for people everywhere of goodwill to appreciate and celebrate the men in their lives and the contribution they make to society for the greater good of all.
This helping hand from RED FM will give an opportunity to all Men in Pune to enjoy this day.
Please check on our Facebook page to know about MRA more
Please check on our Yahoo group to know about MRA more.
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