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Dowry law misused by disgruntled housewives, stop automatic arrests: SC


On the 2nd of July 2014, the Honorable Supreme Court of India gave a landmark judgment while granting interim bail to an accused under Section 498A of the IPC popularly known as the Dowry Law.





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NDTV 24X7: http://www.ndtv.com/video/player/the-buck-stops-here/watch-will-more-teeth-to-ncw-curb-crimes-against-women/328483

Watch Amol kurhe on abp news- Is the dowry law being misused in the country?: http://t.co/WkE27MmpyT


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  1. anil gupta (@AnilGupta480)
    July 16, 2014 at 10:10 pm

    The ugly truth really nowadays are that wives and their relatives use laws, which were made for protection of women, as their weapon to spread legal terrorism, to extort meaningless amount of money as ransom for avoiding arrest by filing false dowry cases against them, you can see the history if a newly wedded wife complaints, she would claim husband is an impotent, after passing some months or years the allegation becomes dowry harassment, domestic violence is so freely put in all cases as you say a vegetable vendor to put some coriander with some green chillies for free in the vegetables bought by you,my wife accused me of dowry harassment and domestic violence charges, whereas i hadn’t even touched her without keeping in mind about her consent and comfortability, reason of her differences between us is her mother that’s why i was washing my clothes with my own hands on her directions, they were demanding divorce, permanent custody of our son child, thirty lacks of rupees as ransom ,for extracting this ransom amount, names of my parents were also included by in this false criminal complaint who not even stepped in our separate house where my wife was living alone just along with me and our child and reason for all this was just that i had not attended a marriage function of her mama’s daughter, she left 7 days earlier saying if you will not come to attend it i will head for divorce and the only way for her family to get their wishes fulfilled was to file a false complaint, i was neither eager nor able to fulfill their demands as a result i was arrested on 4th of June and got bail on the 6th June after they got all my household items all furniture which i bought 4-5 years earlier before my marriage, they left nothing even salt, pepper, spices, my undergarments, my clothes, soaps, detergent, they robbed everything they could, and are showing themselves as a very reputed persons in HIND CINEMA premises of kaithal, Haryana but reality sights among them who faces it, kisi ne kaha hai ” aap mare bina swarg kisne dekha ” .at least there should be a fair investigation with proofs before arresting to defame a husband which is his right of humanity, and justice should be done looking it genderlessly

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