If you suspect that 498a is coming your way, get equipped…….

  1. aarti
    June 16, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    misuse of 498a is no doubt a big offence ,,,,,,,,,,instead of cribbing for the misuse of this n that ,,,,,,,,,,,,i think v mst first c the root cause behind this ,,,,why in families these problem occurs ,that women choose this path ,somewhere down the line ,life of women is also affected ,if she is asking for financial recovery ,,im sorry to say at the time of wedding the parents of girl shower all the assets n savings on their daughters marriage …breakable wedding knot whn breaks ,it make women totally alone n dependent ,no ray of hope ,np moral support ,,no name in ration card,,,no residential proof ,,,,,bcoz nw where shez is staying in her parents place ,is not only her’s ,it may be a place of her other brothers and sisters,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,my intention is jst to share that im also a victim of dowry harrasment ,ill treatment of inlaws and husbands ,i also lodged a complaint ,,a genuin complaint ,,,,,,,,,,even thn the accused family is free to move here and there ,,,no finalcial help ,,,,no recovery at all ,,,,,,,criminals r moving on the roads freely ,in this crroupted india ,,,,,,,,and girls u already lost everything ,is supposed to harressed by the women cells ,,,which r now a days ,,,,women harrassment cell

    • 498agladiator
      June 19, 2012 at 7:37 pm

      I think Aarti u have landed on wrong pitch…..this blog is of the fighters against the misuse of laws. We are also genuine sufferers to the hands of laws. Our wives have falsely accused us in various cases. This laws are used as weapons to settle the ego clashes.

      Coming to your point of “the parents spending/ showering huge money/ assets on daughters during marriage”……dont you think that its legal/illegal????
      If it was Legal then how did u slapped ur in-laws with dowry charges???? are u not punishable under Dowry Prohibition Act???????Becoz giving and taking of Dowry is offence…..but for ur knowledge only ur in laws are been booked or will be booked….now tell me are u not criminal where u have committed offence and still free on road?????

      If you would have applied your mind and soul properly then it would have been possible to settle the issue amicably….. isn’t????

      Its circle…jo boyega wo payega……..

  2. Abdul Gadr
    June 19, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    I think she landed in the right pitch. Most 498A women, by the proven statistics of misuse to the tune of 100%. I am yet to see a case in which husband is convicted in plain vanilla 498A. Wives like her are misguided by lawyers and police to file the case in which they get their cut or rather a killing. The aftermath of which both are least bothered. The women after couple of years of court-ship pleads mercy. The only thing the husband should do is to avoid arrest initially. Though the modern day computer-literate woman should have using brain of her own but more often than not the husbands fail to give a tough fight-back and 498a becomes a tool to harass the husband. The judicial system is so badly maintained that even the ones filing the true cases (only when the wife is dead) ultimately gets fed up and there dies the justice. My suggestion is to face the 498a case boldly. And this woman may let us all know if she can get the conviction order of her husband.
    The other thing what happens to the woman filing a 498A case (all are false) loses faith of society. She most likely will not find a new husband as she ages and then starts forum hunting for sex. She keeps on ranting that her case is true. What she get is the fu*k, though that can as well be enjoyed as it is free.
    I have suggestions/advice for such women (498A) which are on chargeable basis in which she can get better life.
    I would also like to ask all those women who had filed 498A and their case is closed whether they are happy in their lives? If so, please convey to your folly to NCW and WCD. Do thank them for creating such laws.

  3. Jyot
    August 17, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    Dear friends,
    I am an advocate. I know that these days girls and ladies are abusing the process of law to grab money. It is an easy way to lodge complaint, get maintenance from husband, live with parents or separately and enjoy the life with the financial help of harassed husband and in-laws. Its really a worst condition of the society where no emotional or sentimental bondage comes through the institution of marriage. If this situation continues, male should hesitate to marry any girl and there will be always fear in mind after marriage. The Parliament has passed many laws in favour of women but has failed to pass any protective law for men. Actually what was required………to act properly upon the Constitution. The Constitution of India gives us equal right, then if we comply with that properly, no special laws to protect a class will be required. Politics is preventing the moral and social progress of the country.

  4. soumen mondal
    June 4, 2013 at 3:32 am

    I, soumen mondal of ramchandrapur, bally, howrah-711205, is in fear of charging 498a against me, my elderly mother from my wife chandrani mondal she often threatens me about that. I have married 2 yrs back, after registration of marriage she started showing her original fase. In these 2 yrs she stayed my home only near about 40 to 50 days & and falsely blaming against us intentionally to our relatives our neighbours, local club even my office. She left my home last time on 37th dec. 2012 and didn’t come till date. She had a past history of divorce I came to know after 4 months of our marriage. Me & my mother are in huge mental tension & agony at all times relating to it. My father expired last yr also he suffered this tension. Now I don’t want to loose my mother. I’m the only son’ pl help, I am at a stake now.

  5. Sampoorna
    September 3, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    Abusive woman Monika Thukral ( IT) D/o Deepak Thukral of Chandigarh-44 also tried to misuse the world re-known 498a tactics to be millionaire at one shot . She not blackmailed him but also extorted the huge money from her husband by filing false cases .Based on investigations the court also expressed its displeasure over the misuse of the dowry harassment laws by her . It was stated — “I am compelled to observe that provision in the recent years has become consummate embodiment of gross human rights violation, extortion and corruption and even the Apex Court of our country had acknowledged this abuse and termed it as legal terrorism,” .

    The sole purpose of this post is to make people aware of the modus-operandi of this cheat abusive monika thukral so that you don’t be the next victim of the crook family. Feel free to contact // all the proofs will be provided free of cost .~~~~~~~~ YOUR LIFE IS NOT SO CHEAP TO BE USED BY A MINDLESS BUGGER !!! ~~~~~

  6. HOTAN
    April 27, 2014 at 8:56 pm

    Break right leg and right hand or both hands or both legs of the wife’s lawyer and wife . Remember wife’s lawyer is your real enemy. If we can scare the lawyers from taking up unscrupulous wive’s cases , the battle is won. Any handi-capped or leggi-capped lawyer will serve as a stern reminder to others.
    Make them suffer whole life because if you kill them , they wouldn’t even know why they died. Pay someone to do it. It will be cheaper than extortion money demanded by greedy wives. There is no point in writing to the govt. authorities. ACT NW. DO NOT WHINE OR BLAME.

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